Thursday, 5 April 2012

MLN International is a business tailored to re-distribute wealth, create opportunities to help reduce hardship and unemployment that has crippled Africa and Asia. It now present in Ghana, IvoryCoast and Nigeria. This multi-level marketing will empower people to accumulate capital to start their dream business.
It is a mobile phone network marketing business which requires you to register with any of your mobile phone lines and enjoy airtime credits and cash commission paid unto your E-Zwich Card (for Ghanaians).

 All you need is to register with a sum of GHC 150.00 or 16,000 Naira depending on your home or sponsor country. You can be in Ghana and register someone in Nigeria and Ivory Coast; and vice versa. Upon your registration in Ghana or Nigeria, GHC 50.00 /5,000 Naira worth of air time credit will be sent back to your mobile phone. When this happens, you then become a fully-fledged member capable of sponsoring or referring to others register.

Read more on this blog by clicking on the Matalan Ghana or Nigeria pages. You can also checkout the income plan and download the registration forms/ marketing plans pertaining to Ghana or Nigeria on the main website

Samuel Asiamah